Sulia Feldyr

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    Born36,411 TYA / 42 BBY
    Height180 cm
    AffiliationsYouth Legislators
    Trade Federation
    Confederate Navy
    Separatist Holdouts
    Bounty Hunter's Guild
    TutorsTemple of Mirial
    Iaris Limian
    Sev'rance Tann
    Darth Sidious
    Sister Saato
    Callista T'Jarell
    Lana Star
    Muriel Y'ar
    MastersDarth Tyranus
    Raine Andyr

    Sulia Feldyr

    "I do so love to see things from new perspectives."

    Sulia Feldyr is a native Mirialan Force user and political activist who was turned to the Dark Side and recruited into the Confederate Navy by Darth Tyranus. True to the Separatist cause rather than the Sith Order, she refused to join Darths Sidious and Vader in their quest to exterminate the Jedi, resulting in the destruction of her fleet and exile into unknown space, where she eventually became apprenticed to Jedi Master Raine Andyr.

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    Early Life

    Sulia Feldyr was born into a highly traditional family on Mirial. Her purple skin is rumoured to be mark of Sith heritage, from the ancient days when the pureblood Sith still lived and occasionally intermarried with Mirialans whilst Mirial was allied with the nearby Sith Empire. Unbeknownst to her, in fact one of these Sith ancestors of hers once had a tryst with a young Nereus Vorn.

    Although technically a member of the Republic, remoteness, local anti-republic sentiment, Sulia's relatively low midichlorian count for a force-user, and her family's influential connections made it possible for her Jedi-phobic parents to avoid giving up their child to the Seekers, insisting she be raised in the traditional Mirialan Force religion, where her aptitude for socrery might be better nurtured.

    When she was young, a Jedi padawan named Iaris Limian made a pilgrimage to Sulia's temple. Secretly, the two became fast friends. Iaris would find excuses to return, and Sulia, fascinated by the exoticism of the Jedi, developed her first crush upon them.

    During one of these semi-clandestine visits to Sulia's temple, Iaris was possessed by the ghost of an ancient master bent on passing on the secrets of sorcery. In an attempt to remove this dark knowledge from their mind, they would ritualistically journal everything in a leather-bound paper diary. This failed, and Iaris went mad. Mirialan temple authorities confiscated and locked away their diary, and delivered them back to the Jedi, who confined them within the temple on Coruscant for treatment.

    Heartbroken, Sulia wished dearly to retrieve the diary and reunite with Iaris, but as tensions ratcheted up in the Galaxy, the young girl became distracted from love and The Force by politics. Becoming increasingly active and supportive of both her planetary government and the Trade Federation, her family leveraged their connections to gain her entrance into the Republic Youth Legislators programme. Indeed, the temple authorities considered this a healthy distraction from her fixations. Sulia's Trade Federation scholarship enabled her to leave insular Mirial to serve on nearby Serenno.

    Castle Serenno

    As a junior diplomatic attaché on Serenno, her unusual upbringing and strong connection to the Cosmic Force soon attracted Count Dooku's attention. Shortly after Sulia's graduation, Dooku delivered the Raxus Address, resulting in the secession of Miral, Serenno, and many other worlds to form the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Upon his next return to Serenno, Dooku revealed himself to Sulia as Darth Tyranus, and entreated her to join the growing ranks of his Sith Acolytes. Probing her memory, Tyranus suggested joining him would give Sulia the control necessary to prove she could handle Iaris's writings, or even liberate them from Coruscant. Primed and ready, Sulia leapt away from her traditional path and into the embrace of the Dark Side.

    For the next two years, Sulia would continue her public career by travelling to Republic worlds in the diplomatic efforts to convince them to join the newborn Confederacy. Secretly, she spent as much time training in Castle Serenno. Darth Tyranus would give her direction when he had time, but usually the busy Count left her to her own devices or to be trained by her fellow acolytes, especially Nightsister Saato and Sev'rance Tann who, like Sulia, were not brought up in the Jedi order.

    Sulia particularly admired Asajj Ventress, but Dooku's top assassin had no time for her, considering the "little bookworm" beneath her -- a reference to Sulia's habit of skipping lightsaber practise to sneak into Dooku's library. Sulia, in turn, was repulsed by Ventress's assassination of Dooku's sister, Renza. Unnerved that Darth Tyranus set aside love in his service to the Dark Side, Sulia's perspective was forever changed only a year into her training. In secret, Sulia began nurturing positive emotions like lust and compassion, seeking to find a way to fuel the Dark Side with them instead of hatred and anger.

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    Clone Wars

    It wasn't long before Sulia's peculiar deviance from Sith teachings became a problem. Following an incident where Sulia's better nature enabled her to succeed in a diplomatic mission too well, painting the Confederate cause in a positive light not conducive to war, a most displeased Tyranus was considering whether or not to finsh her off as he delivered some lightning discipline. Were Sulia a former Jedi, he would have done so expeditiously. But. The Force had other plans for her, and curiosity about her motives gave Tyranus enough pause not to kill her before she was unexpectedly summoned by Darth Sidious.

    Although Sulia had her name scrubbed from Confederate records of the diplomatic incident, the success was too high-profile to erase it from Republic reports. This discrepancy was noted by Darth Sidious as he reviewed the kink in his plans from both sides, as he was ever watchful for Tyranus's attempts to raise up apprentices of his own. Some he suffered as long as they were useful, others, he had killed to prevent them from becoming a threat. Sulia failed to merit either category.

    Instead, Sulia's unique background and personality reminded him of Darth Plagueis -- a personality Sidious held in contempt. He foresaw it would prevent the relatively weak acolyte from ever becoming a problem, while also making her a useful pawn. By sharing what he knew of the wily old Muun's secrets with Sulia, and denying them to Tyranus, he would remind his apprentice of his place: that Tyranus still had much to learn before he could attempt to usurp Sidious. Neither did Sidious consider these particularly useful secrets, as he considered Essence Transfer to render them obsolete. Repeating that line of research was not worth his own time, but it was possible, however unlikely, that Sulia could turn up something interesting for him.

    As Chancellor Palpatine, however, Darth Sidious did not have time to spend on someone as weak and irrelevant as Sulia. Rather than muck about with conventional teaching, in an instant he simply forced the relevant memories of his into Sulia's mind telepathically, and with a little mind control, ordered her to sort through them on her own and keep them secret before sending her on her way.
    As an added bonus, it was an exquisitely unpleasant experience for the young Mirialan.

    Thus Sulia's political career was aborted, and she began work as an enforcer - a naval Commissar. On the surface, she would be attached to a fleet to handle negotiations and advise command officers on the political ramifications of their decisions... while her primary assignment would be to dispose of (usually friendly) targets who were believed to be disloyal or problematic, and conduct experiments upon them while they died. If the target was a command officer, she would then assume her their duties until a replacement could be summoned and her next target assigned.

    Otherwise, however, Sulia's service wasn't quite as glorious as she imagined it would be -- droids did most of the fighting, and she was surpassed by other acolytes with more normal Force training and fewer inhibitions.

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    Separatist Holdout

    Given her backwater position, and afforded a certain level of respect by General Grievous, Sulia grew fond of and took special care to properly maintain the droid forces and ships of the fleets she was attached to. Thanks to this, when Darth Vader issued the droid shutdown commands in the wake of Order 66, she, as others scattered across the Galaxy were for one reason or another, was able to retain control of enough ships and droids to consolidate a fleet capable of temporarily slowing the Imperial reclamation of Separatist worlds along the Great Gran Run.

    And, although proud of the role she played in bringing about the fall of the Jedi Order, she deemed this was enough. With the institution broken, she saw no need to exterminate all its members, and secretly she wished to learn how it was that the Jedi perceived The Force. With a fleet at her back, she found the courage to reject Darth Sidious's call to join the Inquisitors, instead, leveraging her forces to attempt to rescue fleeing Jedi. What stragglers she found, however, though respectful and grateful for her aid, were nonetheless disinclined to trust her with knowledge of the Force or connections to any Rebel cells.

    Her station at Kinyen was a long way from Mirial, too. Somehow, she didn't fancy her prospects as a force-sensitive non-human enemy combatant to make it clear across the Galaxy back to her resource-depleted, Empire-occupied homeworld. So she kept on fighting, partly out of hatred for what the Empire was purposely doing to the Galaxy's non-humans, but more out of desperation than anything else.

    For about a year, a stalemate existed, as the Republic reformed itself into the Empire, until Moff Tarkin was despatched to pacify the Western Reaches. They held him at bay for another year as he pushed them further west, until finally, he had Sulia's ship, the Recusant-Class Light Destroyer Intransigent, cornered at the Battle of Halm.

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    Imperial forces had her surrounded, blocking off all hyperlanes, and her ship was going down around her, when a proton torpedo hit the bridge. Calling upon the Dark Side to save herself from the blast, Sulia emerged the only sentient being left alive on the command staff. After rejecting a final demand from Tarkin to surrender, she assumed command and ordered the pilot droids to execute a blind jump into a dark patch of sky that called out to her from the Force.

    Her battered ship aligned itself, Tarkin's resumed firing... and Sulia's lurched into hyperspace without a full calculation. It was only supposed to be a short jump, to get them off the battlefield... but Sulia had unwittingly sent them on a course straight into the Unknown Regions. The hyperdrive refused to drop them back into normal space for several nerve-wracking hours, until finally it was forced to exit upon the detection of a mass shadow.

    The ship burst out of hyperspace, systems failing, and crash-landed into the ocean of a nearby planet. Knocked unconscious in the crash, her modified Pistoeka Sabotage Droid dragged her into Agrias, her personal armed-variant Sheathipede-class shuttle, and roused her before the Intransigent, and its records of its hyperspace journey, sunk beneath the waves.

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    Resigned to her fate, Sulia began to try and make her way in the new society she found herself in, finding work where she could as a hired gun.... or hired saber, to wealthier, more discreet clients. From the crash site, she made way to Ptolus, and from there to the Halcyon Alliance.

    Amongst the Halcyons she was able to find a place for herself, of sorts. There may not have been as many droids to look after, but hunting beasts was certainly a thing she could do, and she found the Halycon custom of building up a personal legend in order to rise through society to be comfortingly similar to the Mirialan one of recording personal accomplishments in tattoos which elevate one's social rank.

    She could never be entirely at home with the prideful Halcyonites, however. Tensions between the Albion Royal Confederacy and the Leonan Republic drew her interest, and she began to take hits on Albionian officials or smuggling jobs to benefit the Leonans. She was semi-successful, earning her some ire in the eyes of Albion, until she took a fateful job from a collector named Muggan, a secret operative of House Ealsu. Luring Sulia in with the promise of access to Kyber crystals, he sent her off with a shipment of illicit Huey Atleptl crystals rigged to expose her to Albionian Customs. In the ensuing chaos, she managed to deliver part of the shipment to Leonas Prime, but Muggan siezed Agrias in retaliation.

    Fast forward sixteen years or so, and Taia witnesses an older Sulia, fallen from power, continuing to perform those same experiments upon Taia's pursuers...

    There's more to it than showing compassion to her victims - she must use the Force to observe the process of death on both a spiritual and sub-cellular level, watching what happens to both the life energy and to the midichlorians. She uses her compassion for her victims, to gain the closeness and intimacy she needs to know them on such a fundamental level

    But she'll never truly complete the work, and prevent her own death, of course. Plagueis needed all the power of a Sith Master with the resources of a pan-galactic megacorporation and decades of uninterrupted study.

    Sulia does have the advantage of knowing what he was able to accomplish and the fundamentals of how he did it. And, Albion happens to be a great place to conduct research: a class-ridden society rife with Force-sensitive "nobles" that need disposing of. So she's made some progress. Slowed her aging a bit -- as Muriel has noticed and commented on -- she looks 34, but is really 39. Still, as an apprentice she lacks access to the power necessary to reverse aging, and even if she had it she would need... oh, another lifetime or two... to pull it off.

    Having lost her shuttle, Sulia could no longer take the bounties that had been her bread and butter, and turned to espionage and assassinations that did not require a body, relying on Little Nipper to help her stow away on opportune vessels. One such mission involved collecting information on an entity known only as the "Middleman," the pot sweetened by promise of potential access to stealth Technology. Sneaking her way aboard a ship linked to him called the Drake, she was about to have Little Nipper slice into their computers when the alarm was sounded by none other than a party from the Enduring Hope Task Force.

    Discovering Sulia, the crew of the Drake shot Little Nipper and threw Sulia into a holding cell while they attempted to locate the other intruders. Freeing herself from her bonds, she was just about to open the door with the Force when it was instead opened by Jedi Master Raine Andyr, and her life suddenly become more interesting than it had been been since the Clone Wars...

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    On the surface, Sulia is curious and collected. Beneath that facade, however, the darkness keeps her blaming herself for her many failures, angry with herself for being deceived by Dooku, numb to the various horrors she witnessed (or, as it tells her, facilitated) during the war, and feeds off the great pain she carries around for all that she has lost, despite fighting so hard for so long.

    Somewhere, deeper down than that, however, the bright-eyed idealist Sulia was in her youth lurks, looking for causes to believe in or something to hope for. Her particular brand of idealism is a twist on the Sith principle of self-determination. Just as her parents demanded their right to raise Sulia as they wished, and as she in her youth fought for her planet's right to go its own way in the Galaxy, she has a deep and abiding hatred of those who seek to control or enslave others.

    Accordingly, when offered an apprenticeship to Raine Andyr, Sulia had the audacity to demand that she be allowed to follow her heart in determining her own path in the Force, taking from the Light or the Dark as she wished.

    In her spare time, Sulia most enjoys creating and criticising works of art, and meditating on the mysteries of the Force. She will often be found tuning her Force senses into the world around her for no outwardly apparent purpose, following up on the scraps of knowledge concerning the manipulation of life that Darth Tyranus had once tempted her with. She has some interest in biology and cloning, and might be found watching holovids on the subjects. Finally, Sulia is known to love a good rave, and has a taste for things that either alter her perception or show her the world in a unique way.

    Sulia does not hold out hope that her family has survived the Imperial occupation of Mirial. Their power and influence vanished when the Trade Federation was nationalised by the Empire. And with that gone, being related to a known Separatist leader and rouge Acolyte of Darth Tyranus would have earned them death, slavery, or reeducation following Sulia's disappearance. Her old Jedi friend, kept locked away in the temple on Coruscant, perished during Order 66. Nevertheless, one day she wishes to return to Mirial and retrieve her friend's journal.

    Unlike most people fighting for Task Force Enduring Hope, Sulia doesn't particularly care about the Rakata and actively despises Albion. Rather, she's in it for her own, often selfish reasons. She wishes to learn (if not embrace) about the ways of the Jedi she helped destroy. She's attached to the friends she has made in people like Raine Andyr and Phoenix Star. She sees it as the best way to grow in power and knowledge. And she hates Vorn. Ultimately, the only true loyalty she holds is to Muriel Y'ar.

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    A diamond cresting her forehead denotes Sulia's strong connection to the Cosmic Force. She has a heightened ability to sense the force around her, resulting in a talent for telepathy. It was this, along with her lack of tainting by Jedi practises, that attracted Dooku to recruit her as an acolyte and potential apprentice.

    She loves to run; her swift, silent feet earning her her first tattoos -- the pair of triangles immediately below her eyes -- and saving her from many disasters.

    Her collarbones sport at least a dozen diamonds, for friends and lovers lost during the Clone Wars. Closest to her heart are diamonds for her former master, Darth Tyranus, and a Neimoidian lover Tyranus forced her execute, Pas. Next are a pair for her old Jedi friend, and for Udadkernijana, the captain of her flagship. Her fellow non-Jedi acolytes Saato and Sev'rance Tann are honoured further outward.

    Upon the bridge of her nose is her most recent tattoo, a diamond of self-sacrifice inscribed by Raine Andyr. When Muriel Y'ar suddenly transmitted a burst of pain across their telepathic link and fell unconscious on Sulia at a party on the Kar'ta Tor, Sulia called upon an ancient Mirialan rite to resuscitate the Sith Lord. Although all the Cosmic Force required of her was a bit of force energy to restore Muriel to consciousness, Sulia had been prepared to lay down her life if necessary, as the ritual was occasionally known for taking.

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    OOC Information

    As a GM, Sulia's player prefers theatre of the mind and flexibility to rigid adherence to structure, likes to concoct humorous but significant consequences for player actions, and absolutely loves the wild die and random complications.

    Sulia's posts tend to use a lot of colour, as summarised in her signature. Here's a more thorough breakdown:
    • #9365b8 -- When posting in a hurry, this clickable forum preset is the basic colour for Sulia.
    • #bb55ff -- This is the standard colour for speech at normal volume.
    • #ce2e98 -- When Sulia speaks quietly, whispers, or in a low, intimate tone of voice, this is the colour used.
    • #cc33cc -- The colour of Sulia's thought. Italicised for literal surface thoughts, or «enclosed by guillimets to indicate telepathy»
    • bb9aff -- In forum posts, to denote skills used, in chat, used in general to make it easy to see Sulia's posts apart from others.
    • c21e56 -- Very occasionally you might encounter this deep red, the voice of Sulia's innermost soul, and how she percieves the Force speaking to her.
    • a827c7 -- This colour has only been used once, to describe things seen in a vision.
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