Star Wars Timeline

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  • "I don't think there's ever been a time in our recorded history when there wasn't a war going on somewhere."
    "All the more reason for changing the future, then."
    ~ Jacen Solo and Lumiya

    This page contains an extensive chronology developed by Nathan Butler. Butler's content is a comprehensive review of births, deaths, battles and major Events from the Star Wars films and Expanded Universe. The chronology contains small descriptions of Events and summaries of sources, with the main PDF file exceeding several hundred pages in length, with more pages following in a supplementary document.

    The Star Wars Timeline Project that began with version 1.0 and led to the current "Gold" version started in 1997 and eventually spawned a tie-in fan-made radio show (podcast), ChronoRadio, which ran five years from May 2002 through May 2007 before being relaunched as a subseries of The Butlerniverse in August 2008.

    The newest edition of the SWT-G, #49, was released in July 2011. This is the second edition to include a so-called Clone Wars Supplement document, which details the Events of the Clone Wars as two separate chronologies, following the "old" (2002 - 2008) depiction of the Clone Wars era and the "new" (2008 - 2011) depiction of the era that began altering the chronology in late 2008.

    Click the Attachments tab above, to download SW Timeline Gold & supplementary files in PDF format.
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