What kind of Role-playing Game is Star Wars Odyssey?
We are a live RP site. We conduct our role-playing sessions in a custom chatroom, complete with color coded commands and dice rolling. Almost everything we do in RP happens live, during a game session ran by a SWO Game Master.

Does SWO adhere to the 'Disney' canon or Legends canon when it comes to universally acceptable SW lore?
Legends is what most of us grew up with and what SWO was firmly based upon before the universe was somewhat radically altered - so Legends canon takes precedence over anything currently considered as the official (Disney) canon. We also accept the original Trilogy and the Prequels alongside of the Legends canon.

Can I RP a character that has a complicated or criminal, history?
While new arrivals with high-profile criminal activity may not be held accountable for their past misdeeds, their history may still impact the way other characters behave around them.

Can we bring in cross-fandom characters? For example, can I play Batman?
No. And no. SWO is strictly a Star Wars role-playing community.

Can I use official/canon NPCs in my threads or sim events?
No, we will not be allowing the use of canon NPCs in threads at this time (unless they are being role-played by a GM). If you are the presiding GM and the NPC is created by you - by all means, use him or her. If the original creator of the canon NPC is present in your sim, always ask permission to use the NPC or alternatively - ask the author if s/he would like to do the honors in role-playing him or her. All NPCs used in threads should be original. Exceptions are made for pets or companion creatures, etc., that may have been pulled in with the character, but these should be included in the application prior to role-play.

I have questions/comments/concerns about a sim session. Where do I address that?
Any sim-specific inquiries in which your character(s) take part should be FIRST addressed with the presiding GM. Example: If Lana runs a Training sim and you have questions about the rewards you received therein, please speak to Lana via Forum PM or Discord DM at your earliest convenience.

I have questions/comments/concerns about SWO game/site mechanics OR general rules OR forum/discord etiquette. Where do I address that?
Any inquiries about SWO game mechanics should be addressed to Davin Kabak via Forum PM or Discord DM. Any site mechanics should be addressed to Raine (same as Davin). General Rules/Forum & Discord Etiquette can be addressed to any active GM (Davin Kabak, Raine, Matthias, Lana Star, or Cal Jeth.)

NOTE: A player having ran into issues with another player should always strive to solve them privately. If unable to do so, and the aggrieved party feels that a GM intervention is necessary - please feel free to contact Davin, Raine, Matthias, Lana or Cal - privately.

Who are the main villains in SWO?
The main villains in the current SWO campaign are the awakened Rakata, manipulated by the evil Sith Lord, Darth Vorn.

Who is Darth Vorn?
Nereus Vorn is a self-styled Dark Lord of the Sith, formerly of Onderon, widely whispered to be a descendant of Freedon Nadd. Like Darth Bane, Vorn has mastered the technique of self-propagation throughout time, which involved transferring one's essence into another sentient being. More on Vorn can be found by clicking here.

Why hasn't Vorn been sensed by Palpatine or Vader while meandering through the Known Galaxy?
Like most Sith, Vorn prefers to stay in hiding. In addition to meticulous covering of his tracks and simply remaining out of everyone's way, Vorn has been dampening his life signature by using the Force. This has allowed him to remain out of sight and out of mind of those who would definitely want to know of his existence.

Why has Vorn chosen to wreak havoc in the Unknown Regions? Why use the newly awakened Rakata to do his bidding? Are the current Rakata Force-sensitive?
Vorn is looking for an ancient artifact that he believes, was uncovered and is currently being kept, by the Rakata. He wants the artifact so desperately that he orchestrated a war between the Rakata and the various free people inhabiting the Unknown Regions, to keep the Rakata distracted with the fighting while he raids their bases looking for the artifact. The current Rakata are not Force-sensitive but they have been promised by Vorn that he would make it possible for them to be so, again. It is this very promise that has secured their end of the bargain - which is fighting the war in the Unknown Regions to keep everyone distracted while Vorn searches for his artifact.

I have another question not addressed by this FAQ; where is the best place to ask it?
Currently, your options are (choose one closest to your personal preference):

1. Suggestion Box Forum
2. SWO Forum PM (Private Message)
3. SWO Discord DM -or- SWO Discord General Chatter channel

Some players may be able to answer questions; in the case of you being unsure, just reach out to any currently active Game Master, thanks.
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