SWO's Mature Content Guide
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Star Wars Odyssey's content-rating is 3-3-3, which means that mature themes and situations can and do come up in threads. We require that all mature content is flagged as such with the appropriate tags and descriptors.

What is considered 'mature content'?
Mature content includes any material that contains, depicts or explicitly references one or more of the following:
  • strong or offensive language
  • discriminatory themes/language
  • nudity
  • sex
  • violence
  • substance use or abuse
  • suicide or other traumatic themes
  • flashing lights or imagery

Sexually Explicit Content
While we do allow this kind of content in SWO, we require that players be 18 or older to write it on the forum, and that characters be 16 or older. Any player discovered to be lying about their age will be instantly banned from the site. We appreciate that sex is a part of life and a natural part of some relationships, but we expect players to exercise their best judgement in ensuring that sexual themes are approached with sensitivity and tastefulness.

Flagging Requirements
At minimum we require that you place an [M] tag for Mature in the thread's title and a Content Warning at the top of the first post.

Content Warnings
Content Warnings are special bb-code spoilers that contain information about the nature of a thread's content. These don't have to be detailed, they just need to have enough information that players know ahead of time what they're getting into by reading your thread. While we require a Content Warning at the top of the first post in the thread, you also have the option to put a warning directly in the post where the content occurs.

The following is an example of what a Content Warning for a thread with mentions of drug abuse and descriptive violence might look like:

Drugs, drug abuse, descriptive violence

Below is the bb-code format you should use for Content Warnings:

[SPOILER="CONTENT WARNING"]Drugs, drug abuse, descriptive violence [/SPOILER]
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