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Character Sheet
Character Species: (Human?)
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 1.72 m
Weight: 68 kg
Character Move: 10
Personal Quote:
Health Points: 20
Initiative: 16
Morality: "Two in the head makes sure they're dead!"
Renown: 0
Spent FP: 0
Appearance: See Below

Character Points: 5
Learning: Military History
Teacher: Gifted Learner
Sims Left: 6

Character Credits: 5,000
Force Sensitive? No
Force Path: --
Force Rank: --
Master (if applicable): --
Character FP: 2
Development Points: --
Midichlorian Count: TBA

Character Bio:
...Kagan was born in camp 23:4761824KD in the northern reaches of the Khopesh home world. From an early age, he showed capacity for learning, & this led to his assignments to various units as he grew older. Not the strongest of combatants, but willing to stand his ground in the face of overwhelming odds got him recognition as he proceeded through basic training, & later unit assignments.

...The regular tours of duty throughout the realm gave him a mostly open outlook regarding the galaxy, as he trained in different environments from frozen wastes to searing deserts. It wasn't long before he & others began to hire themselves out as Mercs via the occasional traders that would visit parts of the Khopesh Empire. His talents soon attracted notice of a few underworld figures that needed capable muscle, as well as figures with more money than scruples, & finally Imperial forces.

...The underworld connections put him in contact with a shady Jenet known as Barragh--who seemed to have his fingers in every pie slice if he could make money out of it. A brief employment with a Nemoidan concern was enough to turn his stomach on many levels--so much so that he contacted other Khopesh recommending they purge such a race from the galaxy. It was his Imperial contract that set the stage for things to come.

...Assigned to the 17th company of the 22nd Imperial division, he was part of an operation to subdue a rebellious city within a contested region. Through clever & ruthless strategy Kagan secured the city's surrender with only 100 men accompanying him. This achievement won praise from the unit commander, & appreciation from those that were with him in the field. Potential contracts would have likely come in, were it not for the outbreak of hostilities between the Galactic & Khopesh Empires.

...With the outbreak of war, the recall order for Mercs was issued & soon many were answering the call to arms. The 17th company tried not only to disuade Kagan's return, but even to interfere in his efforts. In response, Kagan slew the unit commander & a number of officers & enlisted men in the vicinity. He made good his escape, but the 17th vowed revenge for this action. Kagan has carried out small anti-Imperial actions ever since.

Some might consider him manic-depressive at times--depending on situation. He tends to be xenophobic in regards comparison between his people & others. He tends to remain aloof, at times cold, among strangers; however, as Muriel could attest, he is quite professional in tending to his duties, & can come across as having a bizarre sense of humor. He is open among other Khopesh, or any that can impressive as having a similar martial culture. If any have crossed him, he is not a forgiving man. If any earn his friendship, or at least camaraderie, he will defend them fiercely.

Personal Mantra:
"To your own always be true. To your enemy, return lies for lies."

Character Trait Modifier: ( ? )

Alertness (+1)
Ambidextrous Fighting (+2)
Gifted Learner (+3) - KNOWLEDGE
Whipcord Reflexes (+8)

Bigotry: Nemoidans (-2)
Renegade (-4)
Vendetta (-8) - who has the Vendetta against Kagan?

├ Blaster (+1D+2 , 6D+1)
├ Dodge (+2 , 5D+1)
├ Grenade (+2 , 5D+1)
├ Melee Combat (+1 , 5D)
├ Melee Combat: Vibroblade (+1D+1 , 6D)
├ Running
└ ADV. Quick Draw

├ Brawling (+2 , 5D)
├ Climbing/Jumping
├ Lifting
├ Stamina
├ Swimming
├ ADV. Off-Handed Fighting
└ ADV. One-Handed Fighting

KNOWLEDGE: 3D+1 [Gifted Learner]

├ Alien Races (+1 , 3D+2)
├ Bureaucracy
├ Cultures
├ Law Enforcement
├ Languages (+1 , 3D+2)
├ Planetary Systems (+1 , 3D+2)
├ Scholar: Galactic History
├ Scholar: Personal Weapons Tech (+1D+1 , 4D+2)
├ Scholar: Starships
├ Scholar: Technology
├ Streetwise
├ Survival (+1 , 3D+2)
├ Tactics (+1 , 3D+2)
├ Tactics: Combined Arms (+1D+1 , 4D+2)
└ Willpower (+1 , 3D+2)


├ Bargain (+1 , 5D+1)
├ Command (+1 , 5D+1)
├ Con
├ Hide (+1 , 5D+1)
├ Intimidation
├ Persuasion (+1 , 5D+1)
├ Search (+1 , 5D+1)
└ Sneak (+1 , 5D+1)

├ Astrogation
├ Beast Riding
├ Capital Ship Gunnery
├ Communications
├ Repulsorlift Operation (+1 , 3D+2)
├ Sensors
├ Starship Gunnery
├ Space Transport Piloting
└ Starfighter Piloting

├ Armor Repair (+1 , 3D+2)
├ Blaster Repair (+1 , 3D+2)
├ Comm Systems Repair
├ Capital Ship Repair
├ Computer Prog./Repair
├ Droid Programming/Repair
├ First Aid (+1 , 3D+2)
├ Melee Weapons Repair
├ Repulsorlift Repair
├ Security
├ Sensors Repair
├ Space Transport Repair
└ Starfighter Repair

This Character is NOT Force-sensitive.

Blast Vest
Blast Helmet

Blaster Assault Rifle
Czerka L-21 Suppressor
Type: High accuracy assault rifle
Era: Old Republic
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: blaster rifle
Ammo: 50
Fire Rate: Semi, burst (3), auto.
Cost: 1,000
Availability: 3, X
Range: 3-50/200/450
Damage: 5D
Attachments: Bayonet (STR+3D)
Source: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide (pages 67-68)

Merr-Sonn Quickfire-4
Model: Merr-Sonn Model Q4 “Quickfire” Hold-Out Blaster
Type: Hold-out blaster
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: hold-out
Ammo: 10
Cost: 300 (power packs: 25)
Availability: 2, R or X
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 3-4/8/12
Damage: 4D
Source: Gundark’s Fantastic Technology (page 25), Arms and Equipment Guide (page 13)

Cortosis-Weave Vibroblade x2
Model: Modified vibroblade
Type: Melee weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee combat: vibroblade
Cost: 1,250
Availability: 2, F
Difficulty: Moderate
Damage: STR+3D (maximum: 6D)
Source: Rulebook (page 228)
GM Notes: Can withstand lightsaber blows.
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