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19 BBY - The trio (Davin Kabak, Callista T'Jarell, Enrico Suavee), plot with Senator Garm Bel Iblis to discover the Contingency Orders, and successfully steal the codes for Order 65 from the Senate Security Council chairman's mind. Order 66 is given, and both Davin and Callista are pursued by the Diktat's men. Callista is captured, Davin escapes with Enrico. The duo successfully infiltrate the Republic cruiser Resilient, whose on-board contingent of Clones include Davin's former unit, the 224th - by design. Using the Order 65 codes, they manage to create a conflict within the clones' inhibitor chip, which allows them to choose a side. They take the ship, now renamed the Enduring Hope, then set course for the last known location of several Jedi for a major battle with the Droid Army... Kashyyyk. They manage to rescue a handful of Padawans still on-world, before they make their escape to the Outer Rim.

14-12 BBY - The Most Dangerous Game Campaign. The survivors of Kashyyk head out to multiple planets (Korriban, Almas, Ossus, Dxun, Onderon, Yavin 4, Kashyyyk) to find clues that would lead them to the Force Crystal, an artifact sought by Darth Vorn. Once consumed, the artifact would make the Sith Lord the ultimate power in the Galaxy. Aided by Vorn's daughter, Muriel Y'ar, the heroes confront Nereus Vorn, their joint effort preventing him from gaining the upper hand he so desperately seeks.

7 BBY - Batle of Agomar, loss of the 'Enduring Hope'; the Events of the Thin Red Line. The heroes continue on with many adventures but unbeknownst to them, a traitor lurks in their midst. Though his heart may be in the right place, others will take advantage of his hopes and turn them to work in their favor. As Governor Tarkin's Outer Rim sector fleet decimates the Venator-class Cruiser, the Enduring Hope, its survivors scramble to survive, even as one of their best becomes on with the Force, leaving them forever.

4 BBY - Chrysalis campaign in the Unknown Regions. The Heroes (who have spent their time hiding away from the Empire on Nar Shaddaa) set out to find a derelict freighter 'Solaris' adrift in Mid-rim space, belonging to one of their own, a Wookiee by the name of Shorlofnik. Seeing that Shor has been kidnapped, they make the swift decision to find and rescue him by whatever means necessary. The Wookiee's trail leads them into the Unknown Regions where they find themselves enveloped in a war that threatens the freedom of the free peoples of the Albion Cluster.
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