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  1. Lilith

    NOTICE Temporary Personal Hiatus

    In recent weeks, the health of a close family member has become unsteady and of somewhat grave concern, which is why I am going to be prolonging my 'hiatus' until I get some clear news as to his condition. Until then, I fear anxiety and upset has taken too much hold for my mind to be thriving or...
  2. Lilith

    NOTICE Caine & Lilith...

    ...will be absent from May 24th to May 28th, as they will be traveling out of state. It is highly unlikely that they will be able to post anything during this time but should still be accessible via Discord should anyone need to reach us. See you all on the 29th, hopefully! :D
  3. Lilith

    IDEA! May in Discord

    This coming month the suggestion for Discord avatars involves favorite sports (feel free to include e-sports in this). Enjoy! :coffee::geek::cool:
  4. Lilith


    Any member who would like me to make their avatar in the style of Erebos 'official' avatars (as seen here), please post your request below, as follows: I will post your finished images in this thread so you can save them to your computer and upload to your profile at your leisure. Please...
  5. Lilith

    TUTORIAL Sub Accounts

    This add-on was developed for XF2 a while ago, although it does not have 100% of the functionality that was previously available on the XF1 add-on of similar nature, developed (and now abandoned) by Theme House. It works as follows: Create (or choose), 2 accounts. Designate Master account #1...
  6. Lilith

    SPECIAL EVENT Valentine's Day Stories

    Since February is host to St. Valentine's Day, we thought we'd encourage everyone to contribute to writing some romantic stories, whether solo or with a partner, or even with a group - your choice. Take the rest of the month to write up something soft and cuddly... or bloody and violent - as...
  7. Lilith

    NOTICE Character Ratio!

    FEMALE vs. MALE CHARACTER RATIO IN EREBOS: [Active Characters Only] NO. FEMALE MALE 1 Aud Norås Ben Honee 2 Cerys David Stern 3 Divia LeCroix Gabriel Villiers 4 Rubì Caldera Liam McGrath 5 Elena Moceanu Valerian 6 Elissa Hesse Matthew...
  8. Lilith

    Word Association

    Would you like to play a game? Let's play word association for a little forum fun! Here is how it works: someone starts out with posting a single word. The next post is a word that first comes to your mind when seeing the last word - so it will be something that is associated with or somehow...
  9. Lilith

    IDEA! January in Discord

    For the month of January 2019, the majority of Erebos Discord users have decided/agreed on going with a Lord of the Rings (LOTR) theme. Although it is entirely VtM unrelated, it is nonetheless, a fantasy theme and so we encourage all our Discord server users to adopt a LOTR character (or...
  10. Lilith

    NOTICE Ballard Braun

    Ballard's Player is having some issues with his PC and it is difficult to estimate when he will be able to return. But it's a heads up to anyone who has a thread with him or was planning a thread in the future - so they are aware of a continuing delay until we know otherwise.
  11. Lilith

    NOTICE Member & Staff Expectations

    Community expectations for the Staff and Membership at large: 1. READ THE MYTHOS - if we can take weeks to write it out, you can certainly take the time to read it. We are not here to hand hold you, or provide you with shortcuts to any questions you might have. Granted, when a Staff member...
  12. Lilith


    Distribution of Freebie Points when creating a VtM Character Sheet (V20 version): VAMPIRE'S ACTUAL AGE FREEBIE XP POINTS 0-50 yrs old 45 51-100 yrs old 90 101-200 yrs old 150 201-350 yrs old 225 351-550 yrs old 315 551-800 yrs old 390 801-1,100 yrs old 465...
  13. Lilith

    V20 GUIDE The Importance of a Clan

    From the moment of their embrace, a Caitiff has a difficult but potentially winning hand to play in the game of unlife. Without sire, clan, or sect to claim her and direct her progress, the Caitiff must find a way to make her own success in the world of the night. Creating and playing a Caitiff...
  14. Lilith

    V20 GUIDE Player Misconceptions vs Successful VtM Role-Play

    Some parallels and contradictions between the vampire world the characters inhabit and the moral world we live in: Misconception 1: It's a free country. For all but a very few people that may be exposed to this game - personal freedoms and rights are a matter of course. As we march boldly into...
  15. Lilith


    BRUJAH Before the Brujah's deterioration (as some would call it), they were a clan of learning and scholarship. Historically, many more men than women had the opportunity to study in the way the Brujah would have appreciated, and so as a simple numbers game, most Brujah Embraced before the...
  16. Lilith

    TUTORIAL Flaw: Blind

    Sometimes, through deliberate measures, or circumstance, a Kindred is, or becomes permanently blind. While this is quite the handicap, it can be offset, and even used as an advantage, by the wise and clever vampire. Being blind does offer some protection from disciplines, yes. A purely visual...
  17. Lilith

    TUTORIAL Character Creation Tips

    The first and foremost element of character creation is the creation of a persona. While stats and ratings are the things that will aid in the technical aspect of the game, there is much more to a character that is never reflected in any stat. These are the things that define personality. This...
  18. Lilith

    TUTORIAL Vampire Facts 101

    Vampires are NOT human. From the moment of their awakening following the embrace, they are profoundly aware that they are different. It is more than just facts such as lack of heartbeat, pulse, or warmth. It is a complete physiological change that can be felt from the first few seconds and stays...
  19. Lilith

    TUTORIAL Can Vampires Smoke?

    Beyond the difficulty with fire, the truth is - some can, some can't, and most wouldn't. The feigning of Humanity through the expenditure of Blood Points lasts for an entire scene - more than enough turns to finish a cigarette, and does not need to be repeated every turn. White Wolf...
  20. Lilith

    TUTORIAL Converting V20 Attribues & Abilities to V5 (or VICE VERSA)

    For established and advanced characters, use the following quick and dirty conversion: Conscience/Conviction = number of Touchstones (I wouldn't require these to be humans) Self-Control/Instinct = Composure Courage = Resolve Perception = Awareness (or Investigation) Appearance => use Merits and...