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Elena Moceanu

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House Tenebris
7th Generation
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User name: Elena Moceanu

Full Name: Elena Kristina Moceanu

Biological Sex: Female

True Age: 6 (LOL)

Generation: 7th

Sire: Tristan Krauss

Childer: None

Clan: Toreador

[C] Auspex (2)
[C] Celerity (1)
[C] Presence (3)

Birthdate: November 9, 1991

Birthplace: Sibiu, Romania

Hair Color: Chocoloate

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Build: Slender yet voluptuous

Distinctive Features: Beautifully sculpted cheekbones which become very pronounced when she smiles.

Occupation: Musician - classical cellist

Affiliation: Tenebris

Bewitching the awareness that speaks of many sorrows and triumphs. Angelic features predominate a non-defective yet strikingly human semblance. A visage embraced by profuse wisps of deepest sable, rapturous shades of ebony luster whose damp cling splashes over slender set shoulders to rest upon a salient frame of pantherine grace.​

Exotic the rise of cheekbones that paint the smooth slope of her jaw, even the curve of her lips. Narrow ribcage and small waist emphasizing the fullness of her bosom; skin flawless. The breeze only adds to the bewitching guise, tugging at her long silken hair so that it shifts about her like a veil, one moment hiding the temptation of her, the next revealing it.​

Small, delicate bones mark her classically beautiful, though feminine curves lie tamed within inconspicuous civilian garb, while allowing a glimpse of effortless elegance to the casual observer.​

Elena is a vivacious entertainer who charms and engages those around them. She is spontaneous, energetic, and fun-loving, and takes pleasure in the things around her: food, clothes, nature, animals, and especially people. Typically warm and talkative and has a contagious enthusiasm for life. Likes to be in the middle of the action and the center of attention. Has a playful, open sense of humor, and likes to draw out other people and help them have a good time.​

Derangements: NONE

Born and Raised in Sibiu (Romania), Elena is a foreign exchange (graduate) student, studying at the College of Fine Arts at the University of Nevada after having received a prestigious scholarship to study abroad. She is considered to be one of the most gifted young cellists of her generation and is especially renowned for her bold interpretations of Beethoven's and Brahms' sonatas. She also enjoys jazz, especially improvisation. Elena lived in the outskirts of Las Vegas with her Aunt and Uncle, who were both retired and have no children of their own.​

NOTE: Elena is an only child but unbeknownst to her, she has been adopted from one of the city's orphanages. Her mother had gotten pregnant three years before adopting Elena but miscarried and due to aftermath complications, was unable to have anymore children. Thus, Elena is her parents' greatest pride and joy; they are very protective of her and are very fearful of her being so far away from home. Still, they supported their daughter's decision to take the opportunity and study abroad - believing in her talent and hoping that broadening her horizons would help assure her a better, brighter future.​

After having been spotted by Tristan Arthur Krauss at one of her recitals, Elena was quickly swept under the wing of Tristan's patronage. Krauss had made up his mind to Embrace her and decided to do so at any cost. It was during this time that Elena also met and befriended Tristan's closest friend, Wasyli Sobieski. Not realizing that either man was a vampire, she would continue being tutored by Tristan and meet with Wasyli before or after practice sessions.​

When Krauss had finally made up his mind to Embrace her, he told Elena what he was, sending her into a frenzy of panic. Thinking she would be grateful for the gift of eternal life, the Kindred gravely miscalculated just how much Elena wanted to remain as she was: a 'mere' mortal. She attempted to flee and ran to Wasyli for help, but Tristan was relentless. Now that the Masquerade had been dropped, the Toreador had no choice but to turn her. Eventually, with much coaxing from Wasyli, Elena agreed to the Embrace which was to take place in Tristan's private residence.​

It was a traumatic ordeal for her - becoming a Vampire. At first, she wanted revenge for what was done to her, but later decided to accept her fate and attempt to make her new life as much her own as possible. Having followed her Sire dutifully, from Las Vegas to New Babylon, Elena is determined to find happiness and fulfillment - wherever she may roam.​

Elena resides with her Sire, Tristan Arthur Krauss - in his private villa located in the posh Fortescue District of New Babylon.​

Final Notes: Character Limits:
NO Mutilation, NO Perma-Fleshcrafting, NO Perma-Bonecrafting, NO Final Death

Character Type: Canon

Character Portrayal: Victoria Justice

Role-Playing Taboos: Already answered in Urs' and Divia's applications.
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