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Natania Gramont

Deranged Princess
New Babylon
"How can I not? It's an impressive collection."

Sharp emerald eyes caught the way he was looking at her. An amusing glimmer in her eyes as he felt the need to point out to her what it wasn't. It was almost enough to make her laugh, but she kept it to herself. Just smirked as she listened and revelled in the way he was caressing her with his eyes.

"A love nest?" Alright, so she couldn't hold her laughter back anymore. And a short one escaped between her lips. "Don't you worry. No illusions here as to what this is. After all, are we even sure our kind are able to love? I personally... Don't really care as much for love. I am more of a... Let me try everything this life has to offer before Final Death takes me. A thought I am sure you can agree with, can't you?"

She could not help but stretch a bit with the way he looked at her, arching her neck slightly as she held his gaze with hers. When offered the choice of drink, she got a thoughtful look on her face before she smiled.

"Asian. They are so pretty looking, something for you to enjoy even more than me I think."

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