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Valerie Modeste

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User name: Valerie Modeste

Full Name: Valerie Modeste

Biological Sex: Female

True Age: 21


Sire: Marcus Valerian


Clan: Lasombra

Disciplines: Potence (C1) Auspex(L1) Presence(L1)

Clan Weakness No reflection

Merits & Flaws: Blind (F)
Prey Exclusion(F)
Taint of Corruption(F)

Acute Hearing(M)
Additional Discipline(M)
Calm Heart(M)
Healing Touch(M)
Oracular Ability(M)

Birthdate: 20.09.1999

Birthplace: France

Hair Color: Chestnut brown

Eye Color: Blind and white, with hints of blue underneath.

Height: 1.65cm

Weight: 52Kg

Build: Very petite, she has shapes, but they are small and she is very slender.

Distinctive Features: Her blindness is her distinctive feature

Occupation: Queen

Affiliation: Erebos

Appearance: When seeing Valerie, she doesn't look like much. Chestnut brown hair that falls around a small oval face with a sharp chin in soft curls. Almond shaped eyes that when she was born was blue like the sky, but now are covered in a white veil showing her blindness. A sharp straight nose pointing down towards full lips with a soft arch to them in a nice pink colour. And she is tiny, even mortals will not have trouble lifting her small frame, she has some curves, nothing too big or easily noticeable but soft and inviting.

What was once a girl only dressed in rags, or bohemian big dresses and sweaters. Trying to hide as much as she could, has now blossomed and become a well-dressed lady. Mostly due to Marcus having spoiled her with expensive clothes and jewellery. Flats have been exchanged for heels, her unruly hair has now been carefully combed to lay softly around her face. And she even has gotten help with putting on some simple makeup, as she still likes the natural look better than the feel of tons of makeup.

Character Archetype: Benefactor, Caretaker.

Personality: Valerie is a nervous girl, having grown up quite sheltered within her clan of Gypsies she has not seen much of the world and what it can hold until she ran away. Which has made her afraid of most things, people most of all. Most people rely on their sight to feel safer, with it they are able to spot lies easily, see when someone has ill intentions and even fight back if something were to happen. Valerie does not have this tool to help her, so when meeting people she is scared, nervous and reserved; making her more likely to run away than to stay and see if people are going to be scary or not.

Behind her scared and timid front, she has a big heart. A childish heart, one that loves books about fairy tales and strong female characters, books that make her want to be more than just a scared child. She loves tea, sweet things, loves to swim and flowers. Valerie also cares about others, often more than she cares about herself; it makes her a very loyal friend even if she does not have many or easy to make them. She has also been described as some of a prude, having a very naive mind has made her fear most intimate actions.

This was all very true, once upon a time. But much has happened since then. Valerie has grown stronger, more confident in both herself and what she can accomplish. She has fallen in love. And even as of recently gotten embraced. Which is bound to eventually make more changes in the young girl.

Derangements: None

Biography: Valerie Modeste was born on a warm autumn morning in the mountains of the French region of Grenoble. She was a small child even when she was born, born prematurely she did not even cry, just looked up at the midwife with clear blue eyes and made a single sound as she took her first breath. Born into a clan of Gypsies known as Manouches or Sintè, her life was simple, and her people were poor. But she never lacked in love, understanding or compassion. The whole clan was her family, and her childhood was a good one. She laughed a played with the children, swam in the lake nearby and ran in the forest. There was never any trouble or hardships in her life, her people were not welcomed or looked favourably upon, but they kept to themselves and were rarely bothered.

The first remarkable thing to happen in Valerie's life was when she was five, she was out playing with the children when one of them pointed out an eagle in the sky. Looking up she was surprised to notice that she could not see it, all the other children were pointing and awing at the magnificent bird. But to here there was just fog. That's when her parents realized that their daughter was slowly going blind, and during the course of two years, she was completely blind. Luckily for her, one of the older women in the clan had had a mother who had been blind and was able to teach the girl many things. Among them how to read Braille and how to use echolocation to move around.

After this Valerie became a more calm child, her hobbies changed into those of reading, sewing or gardening. Hobbies were she used her hands more than the rest of her, she no longer ran and she no longer played with the other children. But she never stopped smiling, many children who had been faced with losing their sight might have drawn into themselves, become recluses or just angry. Not Valerie though, after all, worse things could happen than losing her sight. She still had her life and health, this was just a hurdle for her to get past.

Then nothing more, in particular, happened, her life was uneventful. The days moved on at the same pace it always did, the same chores, the same people, the same safety. Years went by without her life changing, but we all know it can't stay that way. It was the spring before she turned 15. The snow was still laying in some places, covering the tops of the mountains. Valerie was charged with looking after the kids, they all respected her and even though she could not see them, she could hear them, and they all knew she heard it all. So when two of the boys started to fight she was quick to come over, but she was not fast enough.

She could hear them running, could hear them still calling each other names, then she heard the sound of someone slipping on the snow, and the sound of bones breaking. Running over she could smell the blood as she sat down next to the boy. He couldn't have been more than 7, the other one now weeping the same age. Running her hands over the boy she soon found the wound in the boy's head, he had slipped on the snow and hit his head hard on a rock. Terrified she could feel her heart in her throat, not knowing what to do to help. Then something inside her, an instinct told her what to do.

Laying her hands on the wound she could feel a power surge through them and feed of something deep within her, and heal the wound in the boy's head. By the time the boy woke up in Valerie's arms most of the clan had come to get the boy and seen what had happened. Most were afraid, did not understand what had happened. Valerie herself was confused, scared and wanted to run away. That was when the oldest woman in the clan came forward and laughed while hugging Valerie. The woman then explained to them all that Valerie had gifts that the woman had heard stories about, there had been others in their clan before like her with gifts. They were called Sybilesse by her people, but in common name, they were called Psychic Vampires.

It took time, but eventually, her clan came to celebrate her gifts. She was seen as a religious overhead, an oracle or priestess. They did not have a proper religion or hirachy for it, so they did not have a name for it either. But from that day they all treated her differently, she began sitting with the elders and learn from them, learn what little they knew about her and her kind from the stories that had been passed down. The clan treated her with more respect than before, came to her for advice, or if someone had gotten seriously injured. But it was not very often, she had been told there was a limit on her power on how many times she could use it. So she tried to be careful with it, to save it.

But over time she grew restless, became more agitated with every use of her powers. And she could not understand why, didn't understand what was going on with her, why she was changing from the sweet cheerful young girl to the agitated and aggressive one she was becoming. It took years before the change went from small things to bad. People started to shy away from her and she refused to heal people, drew into herself. The truth was, she could feel it, how she had used all her gift, and how she wanted more. Wanted to feel the power again, but she did not know how to get it back.

Not until a day when she had just turned 18. She was out for a walk in the forest, having removed herself from the rest, not able to stand the sound of their voices when one of the young men of the tribe came up behind her. He had seen her sneak off and wanted to spend some time alone with her, having caught an interest in her. They fought, and in the heat of the argument, she had felt that same instinct, that same flicker of power within her tell her to grab him. So she did. And again felt that power, the power she drew from touching him fill her and then he fell down dead. In need of Ephemera to fill her powers, she had taken the life force from the boy and killed him.

The Ephemera once again filled she knew she had her powers back, but at a terrible cost. Screaming she fell over and desperately tried to revive the boy, tears falling down her cheeks as she cried out for someone to come and help her. And people from the clan came, carrying the dead boy and a crying Valerie back to camp. It took a while to get out of the girl what had happened, and when they did they pulled away from her in fear. Even the elder ones. After this episode, the clan still treated her with respect, but they were clearly afraid of her. So she knew, her life would never be the same.

She tried to reclaim her old life, to live as before, but she was always afraid. Never wanted to touch anyone, drew away from the people she loved out of fear of harming them. Who knew what other powers that would present themselves? She tried to ask the elders, find out what they knew, but they only knew stories and rumours nothing concrete. So she snuck off into the woods to find out for herself. There she learned that she could both heal and harm with the power of the Ephemera. That she could with practice turn herself into an Owl or a Doe if she wanted, use the energy to give herself a burst of speed or at night she got a bit stronger.

But even this drained her batteries made her realize that she would have to keep killing people to feed her own powers. It made her fear for the safety of her loved ones, so just before she turned 19 she decided to leave. Packing what she needed and could carry in a bag, she snuck away in the middle of the night, leaving just a note for her father to let him know why she had left.

Her travels were mostly uneventful she kept to herself, hid and avoided others as best she could. In all her travels the only friend she made was a young girl her age who was also a runaway. They ended up travelling together, snuck onboard a freighter ship to America and worked on it when they were caught. Two weeks it took, but finally, they arrived in America. Erin, the girl Valerie had met in England and befriended was convinced this was the place for them. They docked in Florida and stayed there for a while. They lived on the streets, moved from place to place, hitching rides where they could to move on.

Their life was good, they did not have much, but what they had they shared and they protected each other from whatever happened. Valerie even told her what she was, and about her powers. Erin encouraged her to discover more, to find out what she was able to do. That was how she found out she could make herself look more beautiful and radiant if she wanted, that she could cause Euphoria with a touch and seduce with only her mind. And it was how she found out she could steal the breath from a person with a kiss. And as always when she used her powers, her Ephemera started to run low.

She recognized the signs, her agitation, the aggressiveness and the short temper. Valerie knew she would have to replenish it again, and soon. And that is how it went wrong, again. In a flare of need to replenish she killed the one friend she had left, she drew the lifeforce from Erin and fled. Not able to deal with the fact that she had killed someone again, she swore she would never use her powers, never use the Ephemera that Erin had given her. She was a fool, power like that craves to be used, and on her travels alone she needed to use them, needed to protect herself.

And finally, she ended up in New Babylon, suddenly running from unknown men. But she didn't run fast enough and was soon caught. That was how she met Marcus Valerian, a very powerful man who had use for someone of her talents and particular gifts. At first she did not want to, after all, she had sworn to not use her powers, to never kill anyone again. But Marcus had other plans for her. So an uneasy alliance was struck, Marcus offered her protection and a powerful ally if she stayed and let him use her talents. Now she lives at The Crown, his estate under his protection.

So there you have it. Valerie's story.

Well. Up until recently.

Having stayed with Marcus Valerian for close to a half year now, she has slowly but surely fallen in love with the man. Which has caused her to change a lot. The biggest one being her recently being embraced by the man, so that she could be his bride and Queen for all eternity.

Final Notes: Because of Marcus Valerian being Gen 5 Valerie will be Gen 6.

Character Type: Original

Character Portrayal: Barbara Palvin

Role-Playing Taboos: Mary Sue: A character with seemingly no flaws and abilities beyond what they should be able to.

God-Modding: When you take control of someone else's character or take away a writer's chance of reacting to something your character did.

Meta-Gaming: When you use the information given to you OOC in play that your character should not be able to know.
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Valerie's Generation would be 6th, since her Sire is 5th Gen.

Disciplines: Potence is granted at level 1, but Auspex and Presence will have to be learned (either from Marcus or anyone else possessing these. She will learn faster from her Sire, so I'd definitely consider that route. For learning either discipline, STs will accept a thread or two dealing with the explanation and workings (practice) of said discipline.

Her abilities as psychic vampire would be considered 'amplified' so that they appear to be effortless. However, to take Ephemera and blood, she should consider feeding first (without killing the victim) and then taking Ephemera which would result in the victim's death.

Has she chosen a Path? I'm assuming Humanity is off the table, given her circumstances. When you decide on the Path you want her to follow, please let myself or Caine know. This is not an immediate need, so feel free to do some reading and research on the subject - more info. here.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to post here, or in PM/DM.